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What are our store hours?

Monday - Thursday 9:00 - 7:00

Friday - Saturday 9:00 - 8:00

Sunday       12:00 - 5:00

How do you wash the stiff jeans to soften them up?
First do not put more than three pair in the machine at a time.
This allows more movement of the jeans through the washing.
Turn the jeans inside out.
This allows the color to wash back into the jean.
Add a cup to a cup of white distilled vinegar with your regular detergent (liquid is better to use)
The vinegar helps take out the starch they used to make them stiff.

What are the shipping fees?

We utilize a Flat Rate Shipping & Processing Fee based on the total dollar amount of your order for orders that are shipped. Orders that are picked up at one of our Local Store Locations Shipping & Processing is Free.

      Sales Total                 Shipping & Processing Fee  

    $0.00-$100.00                           $12.50

$101.00-$200.00                           $13.50

$201.00-$300.00                           $14.50

$301.00-$400.00                           $15.50

$401.00- $500.00                          $16.50

$501.00- $600.00                          $17.50

$601.00- $5,000.00                       $20.00

How Orders are Processed and How long it will take to receive your order.

Most all of our products are stocked in house. However, we to, like many others sell out sometimes before the fill in order arrives. Due to this orders could take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks to fill depending on the item ordered. We also have some items that we do not keep in house and have to order. Any of those that take more than 4 weeks are marked in the Detailed Description of the item.

When your order is ready you will be notified in one of the following ways:

Pick Up From a Store Orders - An associate at the Store you are picking up from will phone you to let you know your order is ready at your convenience to pick up. If we cannot reach you via the phone an email will be sent.

Orders to be Shipped - A tracking number email will be sent with information to track your package.

Most Boots take 1 to 2 weeks unless it is a handmade boot such as our Lucchese or Resistol Ranch lines these boots are made with meticulous care and could take a bit longer to receive after ordering. (Your feet will thank you for the wait.) Our Jeans take roughly 2 to 4 weeks. ALL of this depends on the availability at the manufacturer level. They tend to keep a large selection and range of sizes but they too sometimes run low due to conditions beyond their control.

Now if your item ordered is in stock. Your order should fill and ship within a week. We do have backup staff in case someone is out sick or has an emergency but it may take an extra day or too outside of that week if someone was to experience a sickness or an emergency and have to be out of work. Since the backup people do not perform these duties on a regular basis it may take them a little more time to complete the tasks of pulling and shipping the orders. So please bear with us.

We appreciate our customers and strive to provide the best customer service possible. We all order online too and understand that anticipation of receiving that one thing you have been looking for all over at the best price possible and then you have to wait for it to ship. This is why we try to keep as much as possible in stock so it can ship out as quickly as humanly possible.

You may contact us at 1-866-938-2276 or via email at with any questions.

From All of us that work behind the scenes

to bring you good quality merchandise

at the best possible price here at

The Barn and Don Walkers Westernwear


General Guide to Overall Fitting.

Please keep in mind that this is only a suggestion in determining your bib overall size. Everybody is different and likes the fit of bib overalls in many different ways. We cannot guarantee that the size you choose will be the size you need. When I fit Overalls on anyone a good rule of thumb I use for a good fit is once you have the overalls on and buttoned take your pointer and middle finger together and if you can slide them between you and the side of the overall where the buttons are you got a good fit.

In determining how to get your size of bib overall, the first thing to remember is that you DO NOT get your pant size. Your pant size is determined by your waist size and bib overalls are determined by your stomach size. Since everybody's stomach size is different, the best way to get your correct size is get a measuring tape and measure the fullest part of your stomach. Once you get your size of your stomach, then go with that size or one size up, depending on how tight or loose you want your overalls to fit.

To determine the length of the overall, usually you get the same size as your pant length.

A kids sizing chart for Liberty Overalls. The Lakin & McKey are a little wider in the waist. The Liberty are a little longer in length. This is again varies person to person and the comfort of the child. The same rule of thumb with the two fingers between the child and the overall at the buttons can apply here. Also any time I fit a child remember how they will be in the garment I always have them sit Indian style on the floor. If they are comfortable then it is a good fit. We cannot guarantee the size you choose will be the size you need.

Chart Size:








































Are buckles sterling silver?  No.  Usually a buckle needs to be stronger than the pure metal, so they start with a stronger core base then have layers of silver added to it. 

Do you polish buckles?  Usually, no.  Most buckles at The Barn are lacquered so you do not polish them. If you did you would be taking the lacquer off which means you are taking the protection off the buckle.

Explain the difference between Junior, Misses, and Plus jeans.

Junior jeans are numbered with odd numbers 0, 1, 3, etc. They have a shorter strad and are cut more straight in the hips.
Misses jeans are numbered with even numbers 2, 4, 6, etc. They have a little longer strad and are usually cut more fuller in the hips.
Plus jeans are numbered with even numbers usually starting with 14W and have a W at the end of the number. They are cut full throughout for the fuller figure.

If a customer is buying Wrangler jeans and they say they want them to "stack", what do they mean?
The jean is purchased longer than normal so when you are sitting on a horse your jean is still covering your boot. When it is long like this the material "stacks" at the bottom over the boot.

What does Mink Oil do?
Conditions leather and makes it water resistant

What are three types of waterproof boots?

1.  Leather treated to be waterproof
2. Gore-Tex lined
3. Rubber boots

What care product do you use on waterproof leather boots?
Mink Oil

Do you use Red Wing boot oil on western boots?
No. Why? It darkens and discolors the leather.

What are the different  types of Bulwark FR clothing and who would use them?

Excel FR® - 100% cotton - A chemical process binds the flame retardant to the cotton for FR durability

Applications - Utilities, pertrochemical, chemical, oil, gas, military applications, windland fire fighting. Nearly all areas involving ferrous metals such as foundries, flame cutting, welding, etc.

Bulwark® Excel FR® Comfort Touch® - 88% cotton/12% nylon - A chemical process binds the flame retardant to the cotton for FR durability

Applications - Utilities, pertrochemical, chemical, oil, gas, military applications, windland fire fighting. Nearly all areas involving ferrous metals such as foundries, flame cutting, welding, etc.

Nomex® IIIA - 93% Nomex®/5% Kevlar®/2% static dissipative fiber
Applications - Petrochemicals, utilities, military applications, auto racing, volunteer and professional fire fighters.

Nomex® Comfort Blend(tm) - 65% Nomex®/35% Lenzing FR® viscose - Bulwark® Protective Apparel markets this under the brand name "Cool Touch®"

Applications - Petrochemicals, utilities and for fire fighter station wear.

Cool Touch® 2 - made from Tecasafe(tm) Plus fabric - 48% Modacrylic/37% Lyocell/15% para aramid manufactured by TenCate(tm)

Applications - Petrochemicals, electrical workers and fire fighter station wear.

FR Hi-Visibility - designed to meet the performance requirements of ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 High Visibility Safety Standard as well as ASTMF 2302 Standard Performance Specification for Labeling Protective Clothing as Heat and Flame-Resistant

Applications - These garments are used in many occupations such as road construction, utility, police, emergency medical services and airport ramp personnel who are required to work in conditions of limited visibility

FR Hi-Visibility Rainwear - meets the high visibility requirements of the ANSI Standard 107 - it is available in breathable and non-breathable body fabrics

Non-breathable - made by single or double coating a NOMEX® Substate with flame-resistant polychloroprene, PVC, or other waterproof, non-breathable substance

Breathable - made by laminating a NOMEX® woven outer shell fabric to a breathable polyurethane liner in a two or three layer system of laminating the shell fabric to NOMEX® knit or non-woven lining with a breathable PTFE membrane in a trilaminant system

Applications - Electric utilities, oil, gas operations, and other work activitieswhere a risk of thermal exposure exists in a wide range of climatic conditions.

Firewear® - 55% FFR(Fibrous Flame-Resistant Fiber)/45% combed cotton

Applications - Utilities, and for the fire fighters station/work uniforms

PBI Gold® - 60% KELVAR® aramid /40% PBI (a synthetic polynzimidazole fiber) PBI Triguard(tm) is a blend of 20% PBI/30% LENZING FR/50% Micro Twaron®

Applications - PBI Gold® is used in turnout gear for professional fire fighters and other career apparel.

Molten Metal Protection - 50% Lenzing FR®(inherently flame-resistant rayon)/40% Superwash wool/10% nylon manufactured in the US designed to protect against splash from molten metals such as aluminum, cryolite, iron, and steel. Bulwark Protective Apparel offers 7.5 oz and 10 oz TenCate(tm) Southern Mills(tm) Oasis® under the category Molten Metal Protection

Applications - The molten metals industries, including red metals and aluminum smelting and casting

FR Disposables - these limited use/disposable hydroentagled fabrics are topically treated with flame-retardant chemicals

Applications - The Bulwark® FR disposable is highly breathable and offers about 80% filtration efficiency against particles in the 2-5 micron range. It is classified as acceptable for us in Class C: Particulate Abatement activities.  The Bulwark® Chemical Splash Flame-Resistant Coverall is an impervious laminate with chemical resistant properties. Chemical penetration testing of this garment has been conducted in accordance withASTM F 1001, liquid challenges only, using ASTM F 903, Procedure C. Please refer toproduct literature for data related to specific chemical challenges. The Bulwark® Chemical Splash Flame-Resistant Coverall is also classified as acceptable for use in Class C:Particulate Abatement activities

Electrical Switching Clothing - these multi-layer garments and hoods are designed to provide protection from electrical arcs. See the 2009 edition of National Fire Protection Association 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace for the required degree that must be worn.

Applications - Employees who install, maintain or repair electrical systems use these garments.

Who is Carhartt Flame-Resistant clothing designed for?

Carhartt FR clothing is specially designed for electricians and workers in the utility, oil, gas and petrochemical fields who are at risk of electric arcs and flash fires that could cause severe or fatal burn injuries. Typical candidates for FR clothing include electric linemen, pipeline and refinery workers, as well as industrial electricians.

How does Carhartt FR clothing help protect against burn injury?
If exposed to electric arcs or flash fires, Carhartt FR clothing will self-extinguish after the source of ignition is removed, limiting the wearer's degree of burn and body burn percentage. The flame-resistant fabrics are permanently impregnated with chemicals that extinguish flames and help char the fabric. FR fabrics are not flame proof; however, they are specially treated to be flame-resistant.

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